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  • Irina Kikava
    Recently I needed to replace the electrics in the house. I was very afraid to face an unscrupulous master. But I was very lucky - Georgy Javakhishvili came to me. I have never met a more conscientious and responsible master! He approaches the matter with a soul - and will advise the best option with a choice of materials and most importantly - you feel that this is a real professional! I recommend everyone to contact him! Such a master will not let you down and you will definitely be satisfied!
  • Inga Sher
    I want to leave my positive feedback and express my gratitude to Giorgi Javakhishvili for the work he did. He is the master who knows how to work, loves to work. Among other things, a very nice person.
    He is very responsible person, loves his job, can advise a lot and tell you how to solve the problem better! Everything was done quickly, efficiently and at a very reasonable price. Also, I would like to note that George personally bought all materials, which is also a positive moment, especially for people who are far from knowing the nuances of electrical materials.
    In general, if you have already found this group, then I recommend that you stop looking for an electrician, and negotiate with Electric.ge . Even if you have to wait a little, believe me, the money saved, calm nerves and the result are worth it. Wish good customers and interesting work! 😊👍💪
  • Nika Kobaliani
    We often had to deal with various masters and very rarely had the wish to recommend them later, which I cannot say about Georgi and the company "Electrik.ge" It's just luck to find such a specialist! Special thanks for the fact that we did not have to buy materials, Giorgi bought everything and brought it himself. Plus, he performed beyond his duties and completed what other masters had to do.
    At the same time, everything was done in a highly professional and high-quality. We strongly recommend this team. Thanks again, George! Good customers and interesting work! 👍👍
  • Redmi Two
    I usually don't leave reviews, but I orienting myself by them)) However, I decided to make an exception here, because it was very pleasant to deal with master Georgy Javakhishvili.
    Thanks to George's skill and recommendations, our house has literally and figuratively become much brighter)) and safer, of course. But the most important plus, in my opinion, is that I noticed Georgy knows Russian very well, in spite of the youth of Georgia is already beginning to forget the Russian language, and it was very nice that being young, George speaks Russian very well)) unlike me))
    I hope that you will never need an electrician, but if this day comes, and this day is likely to come sooner or later, I definitely recommend that you use the services of electrik.ge, if of course you want high-quality and inexpensive service.)
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