Have you found that wiring, sockets or switches break down? Have you bought a new chandelier and need help with proper installation?

If you want to solve the problems with electrics and connect household appliances according to all standards in you home, you need the qualified help of the best electricians who have not only all the necessary knowledge and skills, but also have a lot of work experience. Calling an electrician at home will allow you to perform electrical work of any level of complexity in the shortest possible time.

When you contact us, all the employees working with us are certified, have a special work uniform and a high-quality instruments, that allows them to do all the work in the shortest possible time and give you only positive emotions about cooperation with us

We provide a wide range of services: design and measurements, repair and maintenance of electrical installations, installation and replacement of wiring, installation of grounding and lightning protection, assembly and audit of electrical panels, elimination of short circuits and current leaks..


Установка выключателей и розеток - electrik.ge
Switches and sockets Installing
Sockets and switches Installing, dismantling of an electrical installation product - socket, switch
Освещение в квартире, помещении - electrik.ge
Lighting in the apartment, room
Chandelier assembly, chandelier on a hook installing, dismantling of the chandelier, lamp, ventilator/blower.
Монтаж защитных и других устройств - electrik.ge
Protective and other devices Installation
Connection of the stabilizer, installation of the box, installation of protective earthing devices
Монтаж электропроводки в квартире - electrik.ge
Electrical wiring Installation
Installation of electrical wiring in the apartment and turnkey house
Установка и подключение бытовой техники
Household appliances connection
Household appliances, electric stoves, range hoods Installation and connection 
Монтаж слаботочных систем, видео наблюдения
Low-current systems, access control and management system Installation
Connecting an intercom, installing a video camera, installing and configuring a video recorder
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